The earthy Wood Sense Interiors is a lifestyle store with a vibrant mix of created and curated pieces, an artful blend of the quirky and the contemporary. We invite you to explore our collective cultural and
historical nostalgia.

From British-Mughal-reminiscent bronze lanterns
and intricately painted wooden trunks to eclectically detailed furniture and vintage wall hangings, the store is a glorious blend of the old and the new, a reminder of times that are at the same time distant yet wholly relevant.

Interior designs at Wood Sense Interiors are narratives
in their own right, each detail deliberate, each piece has a story. Luxury meets old-world charm in these magnificent pieces of art that combine the best of history with contemporary living.

You are bound to find the right piece of furniture in the captivating collection of endearing original selection.


2480 Bristol Circle,
Oakville ON,
L6H 5S1, Canada

(905) 829-0556

Mon-Sat : 10:30am - 6:00pm
Sunday : 12:00pm - 5:00pm